GMAD013 - Micro Wireless Audio Receive Transmitter Wireless HD Voice Audio Transmitter and Receiver

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For TV-Making unannounced visits, investiatgation and evidence collection, anti-counterfeiting Trade and Industry Bureau,food safety, the city government to do the recitification, the public security bureau of evidence, law firms, the Anti-corruption bureau, the courts and other departments.

Micro Wireless Audio Receive Transmitter Wireless HD Voice Audio Transmitter and Receiver

  • Complete Audio Bug Gadget with real-time audio.
  • The transmitter is small enough to hide almost anywhere.
  • Professional grade audio bug Wireless.
  • Clear audio reception without any distortion or noiseThe sound quality changes with distance, the best state within 200 meters, the factory test reaches a longer distance, we do not promise.

  • Receiver Controls/Ports

    3.5mm Audio Out (Turn off the external speaker to listen to, you can choose to listen to using headphones) Mini USB


    * Tansmitter: switching it to ON,being the lauch of the machine signals.

    * Receiver: The alloction of an antenna, the antenna plug of the plug at the bottom of transmitter, the antenna streched as far as possible. Switching it to ON, The indicator light truns yellow that is to receive the signal. The headest cable into the jack, and then on the ear headphones, you will be able to hear the other side of the diaogue. Since the headphone cable as the transmitter is also used in the antenna, when used, it should be stretched as far as possbile. Power switch and power switch the power switch to the right until the ticking soung heard. Now the power supplies to the transfer device. Rotary switch to the right will increase the volume. After you finished using the receiver, do not forget to switch off the power. Before using the receiver, checking if there is no electricity. The electcity shortage, Please use the full power.

    Micro Wireless Audio Receive Transmitter Wireless HD Voice Audio Transmitter and Receiver
    Model No. GMAD-013
    Primary Function: Wireless Voice Transmitter
    Interface: Mini USB 3.5mm earphone
    Transmitting/Receiving Frequency: 106-107Mhz
    Transmitter Battery: built-in 220mA rechargeable battery
    Receiver Battery: built-in 600mA rechargeable battery
    Battery type: Lithium ion
    Wireless Distance: 300-500 Meters