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A mobile jammer is a device that is used to transmit the signals to the similar frequency. The mobile jamming section is quite successful when you want to disable the phone signals in a particular area. Presently, the number of mobile phone users is increasing with each passing day. Therefore, signal blockers or jammers have become more than important for our society. And to contribute in this, Spy Shop Online – a leading provider of mobile phone jammers in Delhi India has introduced numerous jamming devices so that people can avail of the benefits attached.

But before we talk about other aspects, you should understand what mobile jamming devices exactly are! A mobile signal jamming device is an instrument is used by government as well as private agencies to protect the mobile phones from receiving signals from the base station. By installing a mobile network jammer, you can disable the mobile signals in a specific area.

How Mobile Jammers Work?

Mobile jammers designed by us transmit the same radio frequency like the cell phone. In this case, the communication between the mobile phone and the network base station will be denied. Hence, our mobile jammers work two ways – tower frequency to the cell phone and mobile frequency to tower. In the present scenario, our mobile signal jammers are quite useful and effective.

Different Types of Network Jammers Offered by Spy Shop Online

We never follow the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Our experts understand that every person has different uses and different purposes to use this signal jamming device. Therefore, we offer an extensive range of mobile signal jammers. And our existing range includes the following:

👉 Adjustable mobile jammers

👉 Remote controlled mobile jammers

👉 Portable mobile jammers

👉 4G signal jammers

👉 GPS tracker jammers

👉 Police and military mobile jammers

👉 Explosion proof mobile jammers

👉 School mobile jammers

Various Applications of Our Mobile Signal Blockers

We have designed our mobile jammers in a way so that they can be used for different purposes. Some of the applications of our mobile jammers have been listed here:

👉 You can use our mobile jamming devices in the libraries, classrooms, and examination halls to maintain silence

👉 These can be placed in the meeting rooms, conferences, and seminar halls to avoid disturbances

👉 Our mobile signal blockers can be placed in the hospitals to maintain silence

👉 Install this mobile signal jammers in churches, temples, and other religious places

👉 Mobile phone jammers offered by us can also be installed nearby the army cantonment areas to keep everything secured

Benefits of Using Mobile Network Blockers

To enable an individual not to attend unnecessary calls, we have an extensive range of mobile jammers to cater to the diversified needs of our customers. When you place our devices, they will block the signals from the base station directly and make you able to avoid unwanted calls. You can use our signal blockers at different places as some of our devices are light in weight and small in size, making them easy to carry wherever you want!

There are numerous benefits of using our cell phone jammers. Once you are aware about the same, you can make the most out of it! Some of the benefits of using our network blockers have been listed here:

☀ One of the main advantages of using our mobile jammers is that these devices can be used to block mobile signals from the base station. If you are running a business, then you should know that some of your employees are going to keep their mobile phones on their hands all the time. But when you use our signal jammers, you do not have to worry about anything as these jammers can block the signals. Besides, it will help you save your business secrets by blocking signals.

☀ It will help you focus on your work. Some people used to attend calls while attending meeting or talking with their boss. So, you can install a jamming device so that people can focus better on important conversations.

☀ These devices can also help defense officials to prevent terrorism activities and actions by preventing the mobile devices receive signals from the base station.

☀ Besides office or workplace, you can even use a normal jamming device like handheld mobile signal jammer in your home too! Just assume, you come from a long and hectic day a work and want to relax. Suddenly, your phone starts ringing! In this case, your mobile signal blocker will block the signals so that you can spend some peaceful time.

☀ Another benefit of using our signal blocking devices is that when you have installed our mobile jammers, every caller will get to hear that ‘the number you are trying to reach is out of coverage area’ instead of ‘the number you are trying to reach is switched off’.

☀ Apart from blocking mobile phone signals, our devices like GPS tracker jammers can be used to block GPS, Bluetooth, 4G, 3G, and Wi-Fi signals.

To enjoy all these benefits, you will have to connect with us to make an informed decision. These devices can be used to prevent your mobile phones from receiving signals from the base station. Simply put, our mobile jammers are the best option to make your area quieter and peaceful.

Mobile Signal Blockers: An Innovative Creation

We all know that phones are considered a boon for everyone but this boon is now becoming a bane (gradually). Thanks to those who use these innovative devices for breaching the code of conducts, spoiling someone’s privacy, or breaking the decorum! Well! To avoid these circumstances, you can get in touch with our dedicated professionals to choose the right mobile jammers for your precise needs. By installing our cell phone jammers, you can prevent the mobile devices to directly sending or receiving signals from the base stations.

Why Choose Us Over Others?

Even though mobile jamming devices are an outstanding creation, our jammers are more than effective when used correctly. But before you install one, you have to make your mind up whether you want to go for a portable mobile jammer or a fixed one! The selection should only be made based on your precise needs. For the places like offices, schools, hospitals, army cantonment areas, etc., you should choose a high power fixed jammer while for meeting rooms and study rooms, you must go for a portable or handheld signal blocker. And the only reason for choosing our products over others is that we offer a diversified range at reasonable rates. So, CALL NOW and grab the BEST OFFERS on our latest range of mobile jammers.